The Future of Coaching

If you’re a coach, you might wonder about the future of coaching and how it’s evolving. We sure do at Tilt365 and are thought leaders about how to scale coaching in new ways that make it more effective and impactful. We think the future of coaching is an important dialogue and I was delighted to hear from some highly respected thought leaders in our field last week. Our team attended the International Coach Federation regional conference in Bethesda, Md last week and the topic was “The Future of Coaching”. In attendance were the Founders of numerous coaching schools and two of them were keynote speakers. James Flagherty of New Ventures West in San Fran and Julio Olalla, of the Newfield Network School in Boulder, CO. A third keynote speaker, Charles Eisenstein was a delightful addition to this thought provoking trio. While our team was minding a tradeshow booth, we did get to hear the keynote speakers, so I thought it might be interesting to write a short post about some topics that came up and how we at Tilt365 think about the future of coaching.

Concept # 1: “In between”. Charles drew a wonderful image for us about what it means to be present. He said something like this. In between our story of the past and our story of the future, lies the space that is now, wherein lies our greatest opportunity. I didn’t capture it precisely, but this idea became a topic of discussion for two days. It isn’t a new idea, by any means. It was how he brought it to our awareness as we discussed the topic of the future as it relates to coaching. It struck a truth that resonated in all of us I think. And what struck me is how thinking about this idea of “between” relates to the weekly challenge blogs I write each week on the positive traits in human beings. Indeed, the idea of “in between” is the core idea of our entire measurement system that predicts positive human influence. The idea in our system is that when we get out of our own way to stop thinking from fear, we are able to operate from an internal balance that puts us squarely in the center of our true self. And perhaps squarely in the present moment too. Yet when we become fearful, isn’t it always about either the past (and our story about it) or the future (and our story about it)? This simplifies and makes clear the fundamental idea of what we’re actually training people to do with the Tilt365 measurement web app that tracks real-time change before, during and after coaching so clients can see their evolution over time. It builds awareness about how traits get distorted by fear when we focus on the past or future too much. It tracks these traits so we can quickly notice and respond to the enviroment NOW from their very most authentic and true self. It’s a fascinating concept to think about and I am grateful to Charles for asking us to think about how we can help people live in the present more. Upon listening to him, I realized he had nailed the precise idea we are working with in the Tilt365 tools.

In future posts, I will address three other concepts that were topics at the conference and how it relates to our work at Tilt.

Concept #2 Integration of Eastern and Western Thought. Tilt365 is based on a model that provides a unifying framework of organizing principles for how to live more in the present.

Concept #3: “From competencies to meta-competencies”. At Tilt365, we believe that Agilities are the new Competencies. Further, that outward agility comes from inward character strength.

Concept #4: “Millennials want to be coached by Millennials. At Tilt365, we agree with this and base our research on the leaders of the future.

Stay tuned in as we present these and more thoughts about the future of coaching over the next few weeks.

Pam Boney, Founder Tilt365

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