Ohio State Puppy Run

Having puppies predict the future is a foolproof method frequently used by Jimmy Fallon, who has predicted things like the College Football National Championship, Kentucky Derby, and Final Four Championship. According to Fallon, the success rate is around 5%. This was good enough for Emmett and the other Kappa Sigmas at Ohio State, who decided to host their own Kappa Sigma Puppy Run to predict the semester’s best sorority and raise money for local dog shelters. Why did they do it?

“ You just can’t say no to puppies. No way. ”
— Emmett Keith Jones

The premise was simple: each sorority was given a bowl at the end of a field, and whichever bowl the puppies ran to fastest was named ‘best sorority’. To sweeten the deal, the winning sorority got a day of service from all the Kappa Sigma guys, which could include washing cars and cleaning their houses. To increase their odds, the sororities chipped in money depending on how enticing they wanted to make their bowl:

The Silver Package ($40): Premium Dog Food
 The Gold Package ($80): Fresh Grilled Chicken
 The Platinum Package ($120): Chopped Steak
 $10 extra to add a slab of peanut butter

Emmett decided to use Tilt because he could send each sorority their own separate tilt, and every sorority could see how much they had collected and who needed to step it up. Normally, keeping track of the different amounts was a nightmare and not nearly as organized.

“ Tilt’s been huge on helping us collect money from different girls in each sorority. Instead of trying to go around and make everyone give us money, Tilt gave us an awesome platform to bring all the money together, so we can see from the website who’s giving what and who needs to step it up ”
— Emmett Keith Jones

The puppies were predictably unpredictable. But what they lacked for in speed, they made up for in cuteness. Tilt + puppies = this.

Originally published at Stories @ Tilt.