The Cable Car Bar

To celebrate her best friend’s birthday, Christine decided to get her whole crew together for a bar crawl in San Francisco. Not just an ordinary bar crawl, one that you ride around in a motorized cable car with a full premium open bar complete with bartender. Without having to front the cost, she set the tilt at $60 per person and blasted it out to her group.

Within a week, they collected $2,400 which would have been impossible to coordinate without Tilt, since all of her friends were either working, in school, or traveling.

“Without Tilt, we never could have collected over $2,000 in a week!”
— Christine Kuhns

They had a great time cruising around sipping on mimosas, bumping music, and exploring all the city has to offer.

“It’s been almost 6 months since the event, and people are STILL talking about how it was the best party they’ve ever been to. We are still looking for excuses to plan another Open-Bar Trolley!”
— Christine Kuhns

They have continued to use Tilt for everything from dinners with friends to birthday surprises.

Originally published at Stories @ Tilt.

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