Tilt of The Week #4: Da Bills

There’s nothing worse than trying to find your checkbook at the end of the month. Grab your phone, set up a Tilt, and let’s pay those bills on time.

The “Getting your lazy roommate to finally pay is easier than ever with Tilt” steps to success:

Step 1: Take a picture of your bill
 Step 2: Start a tilt, set the amount, and upload image
 Step 3: Tag your roommates
 Step 4: Remind that lazy roommate who never pays and probably drinks milk straight from the jug
 Step 5: Stick it to the man and pay that bill on time
 Step 6: Create a Group to make next month’s bill collection that much easier

Are your friends still complaining?

Using Tilt makes your life easier, if you’re the one paying the bills then you’ve got all the power! With great power comes great responsibility, don’t forget your promo codes.

What’s in it for me?

Using tilt makes it way easier to collect money for bills than all the other options.

Can’t I just use Venmo?

No, just read this article. If you’re in charge of paying the bills, your friends should fall in line.

Is it safe?

As safe as that banking app you use everyday (and safer than Venmo).

Originally published at Stories @ Tilt.

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