What would you do if the Internet is truly down?

… or at least your ISP.

My connection here has been acting strangely these few days and it gave me a thought.

Internet is down…

It will definitely feel like the end of the world isn’t it? Much like a scene of an apocalypse, where every human being starts ravaging supermarkets and marts for food, water and everything that is for basic survival needs. It’s as if our life depends on the Internet where our survival instinct tells us it’s on the list.

We are always looking for answers, and by answers I meant Googling. But wait… the Internet is down! How is one going to search for “Why is the Internet down?!”

To even add on to the worse case scenario, almost every apps on our devices connect to the Internet and they are all rendered useless. All except that handy Notes app, the Music app where your library is probably empty because you were reliant on Spotify and some offline games which you were bored of already.

Everywhere there is a connection but this connection only exists because of a superset. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and including Medium. You will be able to list many more without a hitch.

Yes, we are all habituated to having this digital lifestyle. When the Internet is truly down, will we actually make use of SMS or a phone call to contact our beloved or will our instinct tell us to avoid everyone because it’s difficult to communicate? Will a subset of population starts going crazy?

Start doing something else really. Breaking habits are difficult while complacency comes easy.

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