On Art, Community, & Conflict

A graphic recording by Lydia Hooper of Fountain Visual Communications, in response to Tilt West Roundtable: Art, Community, & Conflict

Graphic recording by Lydia Hooper of Fountain Visual Communications

This May, Tilt West facilitated a roundtable discussion on Art, Community, and Conflict, at Colorado Creative Industries’ 2017 Summit in Breckenridge. Lydia Hooper of Fountain Visual Communications was there to make a graphic recording of the discussion (pictured above).

Lydia Hooper assists organizations in communicating about complex topics and collaborating in complex relationships. She offers services and trainings in communications strategy, data storytelling, graphic recording, and visual coaching. You can read her free ebook “Using Visuals to Support Collaboration” and learn more at www.fountainvisualcommunications.com

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