Why America MUST be the World’s Policeman

Many people question the reasons for America to have such a large military — larger than the next biggest six or eight nations combined. It is very simple: In a world with no police, anarchy inevitably will reign. The absence of order is chaos, and order doesn’t just happen — it has to be imposed and maintained. There are three choices: go ahead and let anarchy rule, step aside and let someone else do the job, or take responsibility for the job ourselves. I believe the third option is by far the most desirable.

America has a long history of imposing order in other parts of the world, in order to protect its self-interests and improve the lot of innocent people wherever they may be. In 1794, just 18 years after our nation’s founding, George Washington, along with Alexander Hamilton, ordered the establishment of the United States Navy, with the primary directive being to sail to the Barbary Coast of the Mediterranean and put a permanent end to centuries of pirate activity that the European nations had tried to negotiate their way out of without success, and had ended up paying huge bribes to the rulers of the countries from which the pirates originated in order to assure their ships would not become targets. America refused to accept this “protection racket” and built up a blue-water navy capable of bringing the offending countries to heel, thus ending the plague under which almost all of the free world had suffered for centuries. The American fleet sailed into the Mediterranean and cowed the pirates and their overlords in a series of violent confrontations, along with the threat of permanent destruction. This was the first act of America — still a very young country — projecting its force around the world in order to solve a problem no other country was willing or able to overcome. Our country was virtually founded to act as keepers of the peace, and although we have sometimes failed at it miserably, and it is never as clean and tidy as we would like, that remains one of the main functions of the United States armed forces — to seek out and destroy nations or individuals whose actions are damaging the entire community of nations.

Since its inception, particularly at the start of the twentieth century, America has been the king of the hill, the top of the food chain, the prime mover in the arena of international relations. Our country has spent the last 75 years (since World War II) rising to this point, and to abdicate that position would be a cowardly betrayal of all those who have sacrificed to get us to this spot. We won World War II, we won the Cold War, we WILL win the War on Terror, and we shall continue to stand dominant among all other nations of the world. With this position comes responsibility, however: As the sole remaining Super Power we must remain ever vigilant lest we become an arrogant bully, and there is no denying that sometimes we have failed at that. Nevertheless, no other country has the will or the resources to do the job, and we should use our position of leadership to be a shining beacon of hope to those in need, and to use our power to influence the other nations of the world to be more well-behaved than they might otherwise choose to be.

Many people don’t understand the need to spend vast sums of wealth to protect other people and their countries, and to influence the behavior of other nations, but I propose that the world would be a much worse place if America — the “indispensable nation” — abandoned its duty to spread and foster freedom and democracy throughout the world. Someone has got to do it — that much should be obvious to any follower of international affairs. So who would YOU rather it be — the Russians or Chinese? America would not be able to flourish as she has, and will continue to do so, if it were some other nation doing the work of maintaining world order. Thus we MUST remain the policeman of the world — forever walking the beat throughout the neighborhood in careful watch over those who look up to and rely on us for stability and calm in an otherwise tumultuous world. Where people are oppressed, it is our duty to marshal forces to go to their aid. Where countries attack their neighbors, WE should take the lead in interceding. Where anarchy reigns, it is our brave men and women in uniform who should shine down the torch of democracy and freedom, and where the lone, thin voice of a child cries out from under the jackboot of a thug, it is our moral obligation to roust the world from its slumber and lead a rescue party, and if no other country has the fortitude to assist us, then we should go and rescue that child on our own. For we are America — land of the free and home of the brave, and we dare not forget our heritage as leaders of the free world.