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Recent studies suggest that growing a percentage of Millennials (born 1981–1996) would prefer investing in Bitcoin over bonds, stocks, real estate, and even gold. Really?

Part 1 of “Unpopular Opinions”

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Everyone dreams of making money without paying taxes.

I too am one of these people.

I strongly believe that countries should follow the lead of Switzerland, Singapore and Portugal by completely exonerating capital gains taxes for occasional traders and long-term holders who invest their personal savings. The money invested by ordinary people has already been subject to income tax and their decision to sacrifice short-term gratification of spending for potential long-term gains should not be punished with additional taxes. Indeed, investing always includes the risk of potentially losing it all.

Tax policy should encourage investment.

Part 4 of « Crypto Taxes around the World”

Singapore is a highly developed free market economy

Like Switzerland, Singapore is one of the world’s leading financial marketplaces. Located in the heart of Asia, this small city-island-nation has proven to be a safe-haven for investors who wish to benefit from favorable tax rates and a high quality of life. Indeed, not only is Singapore extremely business-friendly, it is also one of the most developed nations on Earth.

Part 2 of my “Crypto Taxes Around the World” series

How are BTC and cryptos taxed in Switzerland?

Switzerland is quickly gaining the reputation of being one of the friendliest cryptocurrency jurisdictions in the world. From the Ethereum Foundation and the Libra Association being headquartered there to the booming Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland is arguably one of the go-to spots in Europe for all things crypto. This is hardly surprising as the country has a long established history of sophisticated banking practices and financial innovation. …


Part 1 of my “Crypto Taxes Around the World” series.

The LTC halving occurred on August 4th, 2019 and since then its market price has dropped significantly.

Indeed, LTC’s price has fallen 45.9% from its August 4th price of $92.95 to hit lows of $63.68 on August 31st, 2019.

At writing, LTC’s price is back to where it was on August 31st of last year and investors are bracing themselves for further drops in prices as the bears appear to be taking back control of crypto markets.

They say altcoins follow Bitcoin’s momentum and this is again proving to be true as BTC is also down 25% since August 11th…

From January 1st to June 2019, Bitcoin surged from a low of $3.7K/BTC to a high of almost $14K/BTC before dropping back down to lows of $8K-$9K in July 2019.

At writing, the BTC price has stabilized (relatively speaking considering BTC’s extreme volatility) and is trading in the $9.7K-$10.7K zones.

After several months of incredible rise, BTC price has somewhat stabilized.

Bearish investors claim that the Bull Run is over and that we are headed for further lows while the bulls argue BTC is at a tipping point. …

1. What is Game of Nodes?

Waves Decentralized Exchange Platform recently launched a Game of Nodes to “stimulate the development of the network of nodes that underpins the Waves ecosystem”.

The game started on July 24th, 2019 and will finish on September 18th, 2019. As explained in the original article published by Waves, “the core task of this challenge is to increase your stake by any available means, but mainly by attracting new WAVES leases. The node that achieves the most significant increase will receive a 1,000,000 WAVES addition to its leasing stake from the Waves team for one year…

Great news folks!😁

WAT node has crossed 12K waves leased!!

This is an amazing 400% increase in just a few days!!🚀🚀

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Great news folks!😄

WAT node has crossed 11K waves leased!!

This is an amazing 380% increase in just a few days!!🚀

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Next target is 20K! We can do it folks!!📈💪

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