by Tim Bogdan and Ludwig Orsini-Rosenberg

Do you have an idea that could change the world of health? First, you will need to navigate the complex healthcare landscape to create a successful medical device/app.

By the end of the day, Apple’s shares had jumped 1.91 percent. Since then the American tech company has followed up on this promise by…

by Tim Bogdan, Dr Sven Jungmann and Felix Staeritz

When you look at guides on innovation in digital health, you’ll mostly find great pieces on how to create a solution that people will love to use. There’s very little, however, on how to create something that people will also want to pay for. Even in large traditional healthcare companies, many business leaders tell us:

by Tim Bogdan, Dr Sven Jungmann and Felix Staeritz

D2C has gained great momentum in health and as a fast-growing industry, it presents many business opportunities especially now in 2021. Therefore this article is a call to action to any startups and incumbents to find their white space in D2C health. In order to understand why we believe D2C is one of the hottest topics in healthcare in 2021 we are structuring the article as follows:

  1. What is D2C healthcare?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. What are the trends pushing D2C healthcare in Germany in 2021?
  4. Practical considerations and conclusion

1. What is D2C healthcare?


Tim Bogdan

Passionate Health Entrepreneur — Simplifying access to elderly care

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