The world these days…..

These days, things are weird. We have a modern environment, tons of tech pieces making life easier. We have tons of platforms, ways to keep in touch with family, friends and random people all over the world. I for myself have been talking to people I’d never been talking to in all my life without Facebook and other social media platforms.

Yet, we’re moving away from each other.

Years ago, when I was a teenager there was no Facebook, no Twitter, hey the whole Internet wasn’t even available and just an idea in peoples heads. It was a great time, yet different. One phone call with that strange wheel telephone dial and we spend the day with tons of friends outside till dusk, we had the numbers of our best friends always in our head and not stored in the phone. When I wanted to talk to a friend, I called him or just took my bike and called to his house. It was a pretty small world we were living in, yes, but is that a bad thing? I don’t know.

Generations later, 6 year old kids run around with a mobile phone, sitting in front of the TV playing games instead of soccer outside with friends. It’s hard to get a couple of people just for bbq. Everyone is stressed from work, too tired in the evenings and just living for work and the internet. We could talk so much and so easy using all modern tools, yet we actually speak less. But that’s part of getting older I guess….. is it really?

Lets go a step back…the world has changed since I was a kid we all know that. It came quickly, now everyone slowly forgets what living without modern technology is like.

Today we have a weird mix of generations, with completely different ideas and thoughts. We have people who got old without the Internet at all, like people who are in their 60s or 70s. The current generation of 30–40 year old’s is where I fit in. We grew up without Facebook or fancy mobiles but we were able to follow everything, the birth of Google and Facebook and all that stuff. People born like 5 years later literally grew up with the internet being a thing of necessity and have a completely different mindset. That’s 3 ideas, mindsets colliding in the modern world.

For sure there are things that are great, cars are a thing everyone can afford while being a lot safer than 20 years ago. Cheap travel makes it possible to see the whole world, the world suddenly is a lot larger but smaller same time because you can actually get to the places you’ve dreamt of as a child. Still a big issue but there’s less poverty and more people who care. The Internet itself, Facebook and other platforms connecting the world. All that in a really short time. Facebook was officially founded in 2004 so that’s 14 years and these days half the world has an account. Yep, that’s great on paper and everything evolved really fast.

However, things are really slowing down. When was the last time you’ve heard or seen something and said to yourself “Wow that’s really a great thing never been there before?”

Yes we have things like Alexa, self driving cars, intelligent tools making life and work easier but none of that even remotely had a similar impact than the internet itself or even Facebook or Google. All the modern stuff we have feels as if we only have it because there was a movie about self driving cars in the 90s and someone wanted to make it a reality.

All modern stuff to me is something I expected to become a reality sooner or later, nothing surprising, nothing really new. To me, there hasn’t been anything new in easily a couple of years and for that one specific reason. People take everything for granted. The so called Generation Y stopped asking questions and people seem to be happy (or not) with what they have. A wall is a wall, a task is a task and so be it. There was a time without walls until someone had the idea to build one, there were no cars until someone had the idea to build one and that changed the world forever. There was no Facebook or even internet until someone made it become a reality. 10 Years ago we literally had that new special thing every year, things were evolving sooo fast that it was hard to keep track of new stuff. Google wasn’t the first search engine, not even the best back in the days but it quickly overtook every other search engine on the planet by just doing things better.

I’m not even talking about industrial revolution, steam machines and all that changing the world. Where are those things today? It feels that we’re dramatically slowing down, we stopped memorizing things, we stopped thinking because our cyborg mobile does that for us. We no longer memorize phone numbers of friends..why should we, the mobile has them all. If the mobile breaks or gets stolen it’s the worst thing that could ever happen.

We’re relying on technology and we have stopped thinking about what we could make better.

But, let me tell you this: Alexa won’t tell you what you can do better in your life. Alexa does not tell you how to be happy or what you could do for a living. Alexa won’t give you that nice idea for an app or something that might change the world. That’s only in your brain. We need to come up with ideas, we need to think about what’s next, what’s the next big thing that could potentially change the world, make it a better place.

And we need to stop only talking on Whatsapp, Facebook and the likes. Call your best friend, have a long phone call or better meet for a coffee. Real life still beats everything!

For a while, I stopped thinking about all that…just did my job and was more or less happy. Until the day a friend reached out to me telling me to start thinking again, think of something that could change the world…of course I had nothing in my pocket but it made me think again.

Now, after reading this, do you think it’s missing a red line? Chaotic jumps in context? If you think so…ask yourself, why? Do you expect everything you read to follow a specific scheme? Is doing things differently a bad thing?


Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash