Community Reporting Block Party Story Ideas

  1. A story idea from the block party could be how Liberty University offers free concerts from top Christian artists.

I believe that this is a good story idea because it plays into the novelty or unique aspect of a story. It is not often that you will find a university that offers a free concert outside to its student body. Even at Liberty most of the concerts that they hold at the Vines Center or the LaHaye event space cost money for tickets as well as student run productions such as Coffeehouse. I think it shows about the unique welcoming nature of Liberty University among the other colleges in Lynchburg, and it show novelty of it being a free show with big artists as most of the concerts in Lynchburg, often at Phase 2, are not open to the public.

2. Another story idea from the block party could be the aspect of having students stay around after the party was over to watch the end of the football game.

The game was featured on some of the televisions while the block party was going on. People were gathered around eating food and watching the game at the start of the block party, but then dispersed as the concerts began. A huge crowd obviously congregated over by the televisions at the end of the game when it looked as if we had a chance to win. I think this is an interesting story for one reason because the event staff kept the game on the television long after the concerts were over. Another reason is that the crowds gathered at the block party were a huge force in the massive pandemonium that erupted on campus after Liberty won the game. That began in large part because of the large crowd watching at the block party. It is a story because Liberty is not known as a raucous campus largely due to the strict curfew rules, but it shows just how big the win was that the crowd stayed at the block party to see us win and celebrate afterwards.

3. Another story was the marketing of dominoes.

Not only was dominoes pizza selling slices at the block party, but they were giving away other coupons through a wheel that students would spin after they bought pizza. I thought this was a really good marketing strategy. I think it is a good story because it shows just how much Lynchburg businesses plan their advertising and marketing around Liberty University. I am sure that Dominoes knew that the block party was coming up and wanting to plan for it accordingly. I think it tells a lot about how Liberty influences the Lynchburg economy every year.

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