Governor Terry McAuliffe Research

Governor Terry McAuliffe is the current and 72nd Governor of Virginia. He and his wife Dorothy have been married since 1988 and have five children. McAuliffe went to Catholic University and Georgetown School of Law. McAuliffe has worked in politics since the age of 23 when he served as national finance director to Jimmy Carter. He worked by fundraising and investing money. He was known as a great fundraiser and once even wrestled an alligator for a donation. McAuliffe would then invest some of this money into housing projects. McAuliffe served as the chairman of Bill Clinton’s campaign and the two are close friends. He served as Democratic National Committee chairman from 2000-2005. McAuliffe’s memoir, “What a Pary!” was published in 2007. He was elected as Governor of Virginia in 2013. As Governor he has placed a huge emphasis on rebuilding the state’s economy. On his first day of office, he signed an executive order placing a $100 gift limit for him and his administration in hopes of establishing a trusting relationship between the government and the people. He has tried to build bipartisanship by working with Republicans on a bill that would allow for measures to be taken to ensure that state transportation projects would be in the best interest of the people. This has lead him to lower or eliminate certain tolls, particularly around Hampton Roads, to relieve taxpayers of paying money to roads without a guarantee that they will be finished. McAuliffe signed legislation to reform education standards in the state and also signed legislation to help family's of Virginia Veterans find work in new cities. McAuliffe has also taken measures to help former felons to establish a new life and role in society. His executive action, A Healthy Virginia, aims to provide healthcare to millions of uninsured citizens including veterans and the mental ill. His term as Governor will end in 2018.