Homework 4/8 News Story Project

I’ll be writing a news story about a new movie being produced by Liberty’s Cinematic Arts Department called Extraordinary. This movie will be a part of the department’s commitment to produce a feature-length movie every year. Students would be intrigued to find out about the newest project for one of the University’s fastest growing and most exciting degree programs.

This is a good topic for the online format because not a lot of students around Liberty know about the movie being made. Students are more likely to click on and read this type of story on the internet rather than in the paper while also opening the story up to be shared on across social media. The news of the growing program as well as the student’s fellow classmates making the movie makes the story it worth sharing.

  • the film will be called Extraordinary
  • filming has already begun
  • filming will involve both students and some professors
  • credits as an extra are available to other cinematic arts students not involved with production

My sources are Cinematic arts Professor Jonathan Hout and most likely Professor Darin Wales through interviews. I will also use the Cinematic Arts homepage on the Liberty website as a stored source of information as well as past articles written about the program.

I would hyperlink to the program’s homepage for more information about the program to be available. I would also hyperlink to past articles about movies that they have produced.

I would include a video soundbite from one of my interview subjects speaking about the movie. This would help the reader see what the project is about from the mouth of one of those responsible for it.

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