PlayFab: Games As A Service

The first investment from our second fund was in a (literally) game-changing company called Playfab’s cloud-based “Games as a Service.” (GaaS) will change the interactive game industry in the same way that our portfolio company SWITCHFLY revolutionized the travel industry by powering bookings for dozens of top travel companies like American Airlines, Marriott, Amex Travel, British Airways, etc. Why? Because Switchfly’s scale & cloud economics allows it to do bookings & metrics better, faster and cheaper than even the biggest individual players.

PlayFab helps game developers customers like Edge of Reality and Uber Entertainment and HyperHippo build better games faster & cheaper and with lower risk. (Better + faster + cheaper are not trade-offs with cloud economics.)

As Maya Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software (Tetris®) puts it “PlayFab brings the kind of comprehensive service that lets game developers focus on what they’re good at: designing games. Building and maintaining a flexible the backend for a game takes more resources than the actual game development. PlayFab takes these headaches away, and we’re very excited about that.”

PlayFab delivers the only one-stop shop fully integrated GaaS making it plug and play simple for game developers on every platform from iOS and Android to Steam and Facebook and dev. environment (e.g. Unity3D, Cocos, etc., etc.). Everything from player login & identity, in-game purchasing, inventory and management (all that clothing and weapons), game and player status, gamer challenges, player rankings & leaderboards, plus game marketing. PlayFab also provides automatic on-demand server capacity management to ensure game-play stays fast as the game grows.

Equally important PlayFab integrates most game plug-ins via a single API and serves a complete live dashboard & control panel of metrics for game operators so they can see what’s working and what’s not and tune the game.

Sound complex? It is. PlayFab was in stealth production for three years serving up 10s of millions of game sessions with millions of registered players (including 3 top 10 Steam games), hundreds of millions of in-game purchases delivering millions of $ in revenues to their customers.

Today PlayFab has over 50 million gamers running many millions of game sessions per day. Cloud makes better + faster + cheaper not a tradeoff.

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