The Pink Ribbon: Investing In A Healthcare Breakthrough

Startup Capital has a history of helping bring healthcare innovations to market which is perhaps the definition of doing well by doing good. We backed Jeff Dunn to helpbring InBone (acquired by WMGI) to market which revolutionized ankle replacements, dramatically improving mobility and balance. That technology worked so well that we backed Jeff again in getting SiBone to market which delivers similarly better results for lower back surgery. We joined Attainia in their challenge to develop a capital equipment marketplace helps hospitals get the best price on expensive equipment by making vendors compete. And we we helped people get critical eldercare information and affordable access to long-term care insurance via AGIS.

Our newest investment is something special. QView Medical was founded by three-time successful entrepreneur Bob Wang who has dedicated his life to breast cancer detection including inventing modern mammography and ultrasound. QView has the potential to dramatically increase early-stage breast cancer detection rates when it is usually treatable. This is game changing from a treatment effectiveness and mortality perspective.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women: over 500,000 deaths per year. Early detection can achieve up to a 98% cure rate, but today’s technology limitations mean most breast cancers are found too late when treatment is difficult, costly and often has tragic outcomes.

QView’s artificial-intelligence based computer-aided-detection technology uses radiation-free 3D ultrasound so there are no side effects. Nor is it expensive & time consuming like MRI. Better yet, 3D ultrasound imaging is effective on many women with smaller and / or denser breasts where mammography is often ineffective.

One of the SCV partners had invested successfully in Bob Wang’s previous company and has known him for many years. Consequently when Bob told us about QView, we jumped at the opportunity. It’s rare to be able to help bring a technology with the potential of saving millions of lives into the world. We hope QView does just that.

As we are investing in the technology of the future, Startup Capital is also making a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to assist those with present needs.

UPDATE December 12, 2016: The FDA has approved QView’s technology and will shortly be built into 3D ultrasound systems.

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