Oh no, another soul lost to web 3.0

Hi everyone, my name is Tim and I have become a victim of the Web3 rabbit hole.

And. I. Love. It.

I went from being comfortable behind the scenes to deliberately trying to put myself out there. I went from being as private as possible to being as open as possible in a matter of a year.

And. I. Love. It.

But today this article isn’t about me, but rather about the reason I joined this space. It all has to do with the company that I founded and the opportunities it has presented me with.


If you’ve come into contact with me the past year (and the coming years) you 've probably caught me rambling about INFINITRI for hours. This is due to excitement, of course, but more so because I had no real way of explaining what it is exactly we want to achieve. Imagine me talking about community, decentralization, forests, native tribes, climate change, financial equality, technology, DAO’s, corrupt NGOs and governments while still trying to explain what INFINITRI wants to achieve.

Our vision is to decentralize, create and empower economic value for the preservation of the world’s forests. Our goal is to create a world where it is an easier choice to keep our forests preserved as a pathway towards more sustainable development.
INFINITRI Litepaper V1.0

This is what is so unique about INFINITRI and what we are trying to achieve here. It is an attempt to intersect emerging technologies on-chain with off chain developments in ways that have not been done before. More than financial gains, we aim to create a community so powerful through actions that we can sway industries to take more action.

A decentralized force within a centralized world of nature conservation.
INFINITRI Litepaper V1.0

For more information on INFINITRI, feel free to visit our website and take a peek at our Litepaper.





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Timothy Goudzand

Timothy Goudzand

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