Fuck changing the world
Jessica Semaan

I found the same that you can only change the way you think about a thing. But I disagree that you have to take care of number one, that you should love your self first and the usual shit we hear. Try thinking of others first and see how that works. It opens a world that you never knew existed cos you were too concerned about your self to even see any one, all those beautiful worlds around you never seen before. We can either give or take and with us all taking what is left. It’s time to change and the world will come too, because you are thinking of them, it will be a lot easer if they don’t have to think of themselves.

Try it. Try thinking of others as you would yourself, see what happens. See how it feels to give to some one, to make them happy. Then see how it effects every one around.

You’ll find a brand new world there.