Unify your entire toolset. Visualize what matters most. Understand fast. Act faster.

Over 120+ Integrations. Seamless unification of all your data & applications.

Your Network Operations Center (NOC) has tools for device, network, application, event and service management. Your Security Operations Center (SOC) has a Security Information and Event Management platform, intrusion detection/prevention, log analysis, threat intelligence, and risk and compliance systems. If you’re a Telco or Managed Service Provider, you have a variety of Operations Support System (OSS) applications for service and customer provisioning, network configuration, and fault management, along with at least one customer-facing portal for support and service delivery.

  • How many systems do you log into each morning?
  • How many monitors do you look at each day?
  • Have you ever counted how many tools or tabs you have open at the same time?
  • How many applications or people do you engage with to understand the cause, severity, or impact of an issue?

EdgeSuite is the better way forward and delivers the integration and visualization tools needed to improve your productivity. With edgeSuite, you:

  • Have one login, giving you instant access to the most useful views from any or all of your tools.
  • Can assemble and unify the most important User Interfaces and Key Performance Indicators into intuitive, actionable, role-based views tied to a logical and efficient work flow.
  • Can interact with multiple application simultaneously.
  • Can modify the content, look, and/or feel in real time.
  • Can quickly and securely share internal information with external customers or users.

EdgeSuite, where integration and visualization drive innovation.

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