Don’t know how to write? Want to improve your business? Want to save mental energy? Hire a copywriter.

What is copywriting?
Here’s the short answer. Selling things with the written word.
You want a deeper explanation?

How can it help you and your business?

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When I tell my friends I do copywriting.
They always ask “what is copywriting…the law thing?”

It has nothing to do with copyright ™.

Copywriting is using written words to persuade someone to do something.
Buy a product, subscribe to a YouTube channel, sign up to your newsletter…

You get the idea.
Anything that has words, needs copywriting.
Brochures, web pages, sales letters.
Ghostwriting, about pages, direct mail.
Resumes, case studies, and the list goes on….

Even your dating profile. I should explore this topic later.

What goes into copywriting?
Way more than writing fancy sounding words.
Way more than adding in top buzzwords.
Way more than trying to sound smart and sophisticated.

No one cares about your 30+ years in sock making.
Or how you are the greatest business in Alaskan trout fishing (is that a thing?).

“People don’t care about you. They only care about what you can DO for THEM.”

Remember that one.
Today I’m going to tell you what copywriters do.
And how your business WILL grow with good copy.

Keep on reading friend.


A good part of copywriting is being persuasive.
Convincing clients, customers, leads and anyone with eyes.
To do business with you.
Let’s be real…
Will everyone who sees your ad buy your product?
Of course not.
It’s a copywriter’s job to ease them into the buying process.
Which leads right into…


Good copywriters will be able to communicate.

They take an idea and transfer that idea.
To potential clients, leads, customers, employees, and more…
Your copy should be easy to digest and not ramble.

I know plenty of people who are very passionate about their hobbies.
I have one that loves photography. When I ask him for recommendations.
He goes on a tangent about sensors, F stops, and why mirrorless is so good.
Bro, I only want one recommendation for Instagram (social proof).
Love the guy of course.

Do you do this? Think about your customer.


I would say 80 percent of copywriting is doing solid research.
Finding out your target demographic.
Their age, their gender, their preference for orange or apple juice (yes, it matters).

The more data a copywriter has.
The easier your copywriter can get you results.


Now comes the fun part (for me).
Copywriters will try to figure out how your target demographic thinks.
Their every thought. Every aching psychological pain point they can have.
What kind of emotions to bring into your copy.
How to push their buttons and more…
I have my own secret list.

Do you know why your customer stays awake at night?


A copywriter should know sales.
You are trying to help people sell things.
Not only products or services.
Ideas, emotions, and connection.
Being a good sales person doesn’t mean you have the best numbers.
There is so much more to sales.
Sure there are tactics like using scarcity and time constraints.


Here is my thought…
It’s about giving value to your clients and customers.
Putting a product or service in front of them so it can enrich their lives.

I don’t want to work with people who scam you.
I don’t fault freelance copywriters who do though.
It pays the bills and that’s a harsh reality we all deal with.

One for my homies.

Now you know what goes into copywriting.
But why does it help you? I’m glad you asked.
See what I did there. I’m making this about you now.
This is the part you want to read about…


Listen to your dark side.


Getting anyone to buy your product can be tough.
A ton of sales people use high pressure sales tactics.
Such as: They try to RUSH you.
They give false time constraints (ONLY 10 SECONDS LEFT TO BUY).
Only to name a few…

A copywriter will create content and copy.
That resonates with your audience.
They can write content that will help others out.

Isn’t there a product that you ALWAYS preorder or buy right away.
Because they provided so much value to your life.

I have some game series I ALWAYS buy no matter what (Monster Hunter).

What does this mean for you?
Higher conversions, more engagement, more sales.
More revenue to invest back into your business to grow.
Best of all. A lot of thanks and a loyal following.

No more burning your lists.
No more getting ignored.


A freelance copywriter takes an outside view of your product.

You’ve spent 1362 hours developing your business.
I bet you take things for granted.
What do I mean?

I know a programmer who tried to teach a newbie how to code.
He vented to me… “How does this kid not understand loops and iteration.”
I told him. “You are a veteran. This guy hasn’t thought of loops in his whole life.
You’ve done it for over 5 years man.”

He got the point.
A copywriter can see your product and determine why people should care.
Should people care about your very specific features?
You might. They won’t.

They want the benefits it provides to their lives.
Extra eyes can point that out for you.


Copywriters will often specialize in a niche.
Stuff like digital marketing, finance, medical and other things like that.
I enjoy dating and video games.

That means copywriters can speak to your target audience.
They know how they think.
What they want from your product or service.
How to present it to them on a platter.

Research can take a lot of time.
Especially when you are busy with employees, meetings, calls, and getting leads.
A copywriter can save you a ton of time and headache.
So you can go do the fun things.
Like golf.


Writing is very frustrating for a lot of people.

“What do I write about?”
“Do people care about cat socks?”
“I’m going to murder this blinking cursor…”

A copywriter writes all the time (they should).
This can save you tons of time and frustration.

You wouldn’t want some random writer to write garbage.
Stuff that can damage your credibility.
Take it from me.
You want to be in the game for a long time.

Sure, writing sensationalist articles might boost traffic.
It might impress investors early on.


Does that translate to sales?
You wouldn’t hire an overweight 423 pound guy to do your fitness training…would you?
Stop it. Get some help. Get a copywriter.


With the extra time and money.
You could reinvest it back into your business.
Which means you can go on more hot dates.
Don’t you want more hot dates?

Writing is often the last thing people think about.
They want fancy designs.
Cool effects and awesome audio.
All that helps of course.


Good copy will win every time.
You have a certain amount of mental energy each day.

Save it for your friends, family, and significant others.

And of course, hot dates.
How are you going to impress them when you act like a drained zombie.

This is getting long enough.

Don’t make me repeat it…FINE.


  • You connect with your target audience.
  • More awareness to your brand or business.
  • Saves you time (energy) and money in the long run.
  • You get to do the fun stuff and make people jealous.

Well I hope that helps clear things up.
Now when someone asks me “What is copywriting?”
I can send them this article. Yay.

Every business owner should learn about copywriting.
It will do you tons of good. I promise.

If you don’t have time.
Find a good one and never let go.
The ROI will be worth it.

You don’t agree?
Leave a comment telling me why.

I hope you enjoyed.
Until next time.


- Tim Nowhen (yes, I am biased)

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