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Rejection can really suck…

We’ve all been through some form of rejection or another. A perfect client turning you down. Your boss throwing out your proposal. Or how about your first crush declining your offer for a date.

I know you can relate to this…

A fellow copywriter brought up to me that the fear of rejection — is one of the biggest hurdles many have to face. Especially when finding clients. It practically paralyzes them from taking action.

Do any of these lines sound familiar?

“What if they don’t reply?

“My portfolio isn’t good enough.”

“I don’t want to ruin my chances…”

Aren’t you tired of beating yourself up all the time?


You want to sell more products? More services? You better start pushing benefits over features. You are leaving money on the table if you skip this…

I’ll get into that in a sec. But first, let’s take care of some basics.

So, what is a feature? It’s usually some technical aspect of your product. Zero calories, co-op play, 7.1 surround sound.

Let’s take a Lamborghini for example. Do you care if it has a V12 engine? How about power steering?

No (unless you are a car enthusiast). There are faster cars out there.

You care that it turns heads. You…

What is copywriting?
Here’s the short answer. Selling things with the written word.
You want a deeper explanation?

How can it help you and your business?

Keep reading…

When I tell my friends I do copywriting.
They always ask “what is copywriting…the law thing?”

It has nothing to do with copyright ™.

Copywriting is using written words to persuade someone to do something.
Buy a product, subscribe to a YouTube channel, sign up to your newsletter…

You get the idea.
Anything that has words, needs copywriting.
Brochures, web pages, sales letters.
Ghostwriting, about pages, direct mail. …

Tim Nowhen

Direct Response Copywriter from Canada. I help businesses, marketers and copywriters. I’ll help you connect with your audience with bold and authentic writing.

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