“leaked through sources which themselves have been known to use fraudulent tactics, like adding…
Caitlin Johnstone

Hej Caitlin,

Wikileaks doesn’t alter documents themselves, but they have no control over what the leaker does to the docs before leaking. The recent french election makes the point — there Marcon’s camp deliberately leaked passwords to fake accounts, and those ended up on Wikileaks, too.

But in such a case THE VERY FIRST THING the attacked/leaked party does is to point out the exact cases of fake leaks (that’s what Marcon did). That’s the perfect defense. Why didn’t Team Hillary pull that defense? Simply because those were actual real leaks. So while your general defense of Wikileaks doesn’t hold, it does apply for the DNC leaks.

And to Brian: One democratic strategy lost against the most unpopular candidate in the history of American election. Hint: It wasn’t Bernies strategy. Maybe it is indeed time to change direction for the DNC. I understand that Hillary might have won the primary even without cheating, give you that… But why did she pick freaking Tim Kaine as VP??? That was a straight insult to the very large share of progressive Democratic voters and can be rightfully read as a straight declaration that her camp prefers risking a loss to an insanely dangerous (or dangerously insane…) candidate over making concessions to the progressive wing. So much for unity. It’s high time for the DNC to unite behind the most popular politician in America.

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