Hi Tim,
Sarah Gray

Hey Sarah,

I approach the issue way more pragmatic than that actually. Currently there is such an incredible resistance against any change that we aren’t anywhere near stopping to burn the planet… For all I know, CO2 concentrations are still increasing exponentially after >25 years of climate change negotiations.
Thus you can read my “immediately” as “as fast as possible if all actors caring about the life of future generations unite and act collectively in a rationally optimized way”. That’s still terribly slow.

In terms of the way there, it’s mostly about changing infrastructure globally in a war-scale effort towards renewables. There are only two real impacts I see on every day life in a fully decarbonized society with todays technology:

- No more flights (use VR meetings or trains/ boats with fully equiped office spaces & highspeed internet connections instead, not such big deal).

- at least 90% less animal products in the diet. (unproblematic and healthy, but takes shift in culture and taxation/subisidy policy)

All other conveniences of modern life should be operatable on electricity and renewable heat without any loss in comfort. And that is only with todays tech, as 4th gen biofuels (or electricty-to-fuels technology) might make sustainable flying possible.

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