Tim Scheffer


  • Interpersonal Frequency

    Interpersonal Frequency

    I.F. empowers government orgs to be relevant, accountable, responsive, and engaging to communities through data-driven technology and award winning websites.

  • Sangeeta Jainapur

    Sangeeta Jainapur

    UI | UX | RDV | iRise Professional

  • Bertrand Laot

    Bertrand Laot

  • Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Passionate about Accessibility.

  • Keith Symonds

    Keith Symonds

    User Experience designer, currently working with the University of Southampton

  • Kevin van Ravenswaaij

    Kevin van Ravenswaaij

    UX Researcher @IdeanNL. The best way to tackle problems is to truly submerge yourself in the user’s world. I’ve done just that at the Dutch Navy & Marechaussee.

  • Mills Zhang

    Mills Zhang

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