So I was a wedding in Spain last week (what a wanker) 😜😝😜😝
and I met a friggin awesome Side Hustler.

We have a great chat and I absolutely loved her story. So in her own words, here it is:

Alison Dinn from 'The Vintage Corner'

"So basically the whole thing started when I was working as a nanny (really badly paid job) so for extra money I just started going to Carboot sales on the weekend and buying old clothes and bags for next to nothing and selling them on eBay for a profit.

I choose vintage stuff because it was something I had an interest in and a bit of knowledge of. anyway as it turned out I started making more money from the Carboot sale profits than from my actual job!

So I quit. I then signed myself up to do vintage fairs, so at the weekends I would travel round the country to different cities and do a pop up shop and during this time started making contacts with proper suppliers.

I also started selling my wares on fb, to begin just asked my friends and family etc to share my vintage page and I started getting customers buying the stuff off me online, I also got lots of local customers who would come round to my "showroom" (my mums garage) to try things on and buy stuff.
Eventually I met another lady who lived not so far from me doing the exact same thing and we became friends. We decided it was all a bit too much doing the travelling every weekend so we just took the plunge and got the shop. We felt the risks were low as the two of us made it more affordable and we already had a customer base that visited us locally and an online following that was easily transferred.

The shops been open 3 years now and going strong, we've just signed a new lease. We are well know in the vintage community and supply all over the world, we even niched our product further and are suppliers for specifically 60's and 70's as that is our personal preference. We have built a little black book of supply which is the most valuable thing within the vintage world. Social media is the key to our success, specifically fb, most of our sales are either online through fb or generated by customers seeing the stock on fb and coming in to buy it. "

Now this is a great story of a Side Hustle that turned into a full time business.

So bloody jump in and get your groove on🀣🀣🀣🀣

Check out her store now:

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