Give Out Credit To Receive Credit

In any TV show or movie about school days, how does the nerd make the bully happy and finally earn his freedom back? He gives him the answers to the test. He does his homework for him. He lets him take credit for the work that he has done!

The same applies to our clients, except our clients aren’t bullies…hopefully ;).

After spending a day with Dennis Yu (visiting with clients, watching him train clients, and picking his brain), I got an up close and personal view of a client-happiness master and how he operates.

I witnessed first hand his wooing of a client, and it was magical.

So, what is the surefire way to make your clients fall in love with you?

Let clients shamelessly take credit for the work that you’ve done.

At first, it seems a little unfair. I mean, you did all the work, so why should the client get the credit? It’s important here to keep in mind that most clients that you’re working with are part of a larger business, with a big boss to answer to and somebody who constantly needs to be impressed.

When you give your client a well-organized report on the results of your latest campaign (color coded, bolded, underlined, easy to read and find statistics, etc.) that is premade for them and ready to be handed to their big boss, you just became the hero in their eyes.

When we can make our clients look good to THEIR big boss, we are our clients’ knight in shining armor.

When we are our clients’ knight in shining armor, they are happy with our work and us. When they are happy with our work, and us they not only use us over and over again, but they also promote us to their friends and colleagues who trust their opinion.

3 ways to create rock star reports that your clients will love:

  1. Put target results in bold. Don’t make the client hunt all over the report for the target results. Make it clear and impossible to miss and your client will love you for making their life easier.
  2. Use colors. Color-code your reports. Clients love this, and it looks great when they hand it off to their boss. One helpful tip is to organize your reports so that it would appeal to an 8-year-old. This means there’s no fluff, just results. The entire form is clear and easy to read, with no room to get lost.
  3. Keep the reports consistent. Clients love familiarity. When you give them the first report, they’re lost. When you give them the second and it looks exactly like the first (it has the same layout, the same colors, the results bolded and easy to find, etc.), they feel a sense of relief. By keeping the reports consistent, the client can not only hand off a great piece of work to their big boss (thus making them and you look good), but they also begin to feel as if they’re learning more and more about the project and the results each time they get a report. In short: they feel like they’re learning and contributing to the project, which makes them feel good.

To sum up:the only job that you have is to make your clients look good. Your number one job is to take all of the burdens off of your client and give them work that is hand in ready that will show the great work that you and your company has done, except it’s got your clients name (and face) on it.

Let your clients shamelessly take credit for your work and you will have happy clients, period.

When creating your reports to give to your client: prepare the report for the client’s boss and not the client. This seems counter-intuitive, but when you think a couple steps ahead, you see that the client will end up reporting the results of your work to their boss. How do you make it easier for your client? Prepare the report for their boss!

Act as if you’re being paid to do someone else’s homework and it’s someone that you really like, so you want to impress the teacher with your (their) work.

Once you’ve done this clearly and consistently, over and over again, you’re going to have a raving fan for a client. Take that raving fan, store their testimony, boost it to your audience, and watch magic occur.

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