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A gift economy for the global village


The Altruistic Wallet is a digital wallet that works like any other wallet except that it cannot be spent on one’s self. The contents on the wallet can only be released by supporting an individual changemaker or a specific project that has been vetted by the network. Though wallets can be used to receive donations on any website their funds can only be released through the network authorised channels of Cropwdpol.

The point of giving

What if society was based on a financial system that supported democracy and sustained the commons instead of limiting the former and extracting the latter? What might an economic system look like where monetary profit was not the goal of the game but instead sharing, wellbeing, personal empowerment and sustainability were the goals? An impossible fantasy according to many a student of economics under the impression that it is a naturally evolved system. A result of human nature rather than a game designed with the purpose of amassing more symbolic wealth. But our global economy has indeed been designed by a very few, very influential and very undemocratic institutions, albeit so gradually that it might appear as evolution. It is very much a game with a set of rules designed with a winner takes all objective leading to large imbalances and cyclical crashes when the instability gets too great. Something the game of monopoly demonstrates quite clearly. …

Financial models of the ecosystem


Crowdpol is and must be financed by voluntary membership fees and brokerage fees. All funds not needed to maintain and protect the platform will be returned into the members’ custody through the Altruistic Wallet. From here, the members will direct them further within the ecosystem in alignment with their personal wishes and values. Through this practice, we will create a distributed ecosystem that allocates common funds in a democratic way with no need for a central authority or middlemen.

Funding sustainable altruism

Crowdpol as a project was never designed with the purpose of profit, but in order to perform its mission, it must find viable ways to finance itself. As it is ultimately a project based on democracy and privacy, it cannot allow itself to become dependent on funding by a single or a few large entities. Such entities will invariably have their own agendas that will, no matter how noble their reasons, at some point risk compromising the entire platform. …


Tim Olsson

Futurist, pastist and inbetweenist. Has a penchant for designing social systems. And tree houses.

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