What is AgencyAgile and why are we investing in it?

Haunt have implemented Agency Agile so that we can deliver websites consistently on time, budget and that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Agency Agile is a management framework that takes the elements of Agile and applies it in an agency context, where fixed budgets, deliverables and timelines are a reality. It’s the invention of a California based team who have trained 6000+ people in 100+ organisations around the world.

Why we picked AgencyAgile

We recently completed a project led by our friends at Deepend Melbourne, who use (and swear by) AgencyAgile.

We were particularly impressed with the way they were able to involve their clients in critical resourcing decisions and create a shared understanding of what can (and) should be in scope.

This is something that is a real struggle in our industry, where projects are commenced with too much ambiguity and subjectivity left unresolved.

In the rush to sell a website build, and get it underway, agencies ‘bake in’ issues that bubble up eventually, and create any number of of problems as the project goes on. The main symptoms of this are that projects:

  • Run over budget
  • Run over time
  • Require ‘saving’ by the client, who has to work hard to ensure that everything they were expecting is delivered how they were expecting it.
Tim and Rob (right) from Haunt following an AgencyAgile planning session with Deepend Melbourne.

Benefits for our agency partners

A big part of Haunt’s value is our ability to partner effectively with creative agencies, delivering a sound technical solution to bring their creative vision to life. But ‘creative’ and ‘technical’ are not two distinct things, and the ability to co-create the solution with each other and the client has been key to our success.

AgencyAgile will help us to build on this success by providing a framework that will enable everyone to work together to get the best outcome possible, and that our agency partners can describe when they are pitching for work.

AgencyAgile was originally developed for use in creative agencies. We know our partners will love it!


Haunt will be undertaking AgencyAgile training for the entire week of 4th to 8th February. We’ll only be doing urgent client work during this time.

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