Your death

Listen to that sound. Do you hear it? That’s the sound of the heart monitor strapped to your chest. It represents the beating of your heart. It can tell a lot about you, the sound. Is your heart beating strong? Is it fast? Slow.

Beep. Beep.


Do you hear it slowing down, your heart? It’s slowing more and more as we reach the end. Your life is coming to an end; you’re completing your journey. Are past events flashing before your eyes? They will soon. You’ll remember all sorts of things you’ve done, people you’ve encountered — even a few feelings, those nagging ones you never settled.

It’s OK. There’s no need to feel fear, though you can do as you like. This is normal, the fate of all human beings born to this planet.

Think back. Think about your life. What do you believe in? What do you hold dear? Do those things still seem so important to you, now that you’re near the end? No? What about the people? Did you do a good job, living the one life you were given? Are you satisfied with how you spent your time? Don’t worry about it all now. It’s too late anyway.


Beep. Beep.

Do you feel the panic yet? You’re breathing is slowing. The confusion usually sets in about now. Open your eyes. What do you see? Are you alone? Surrounded by loved ones? The latter sure makes this transition easier. Think back to your relationships.

Were you filled with love? Hate? Despondency? It may be difficult to understand right now, but this is important. Look around you again. Are you alone? You know the answer.




It’s slowing more, your heart. Each beat is more labored. Don’t worry — you’re going to make it. Every human being is courted by this. Death. Try to take a deep breath and savor this moment. It only comes once and then it’s over. Like life. This is your chance to live fully alive if you haven’t already. Do you feel your end of life endorphins kicking in? It’s nice, isn’t it? Better than the morphine they like to give hospice patients.

Now turn your attention back to your life. Any regrets? You can let these go if you want, or you can let them define your moment. It’s your choice.


Do you feel that?


It’s your heart giving up.


It’s time. Time to die. Relish this moment. It’s yours and only yours. There may be others around you, but this is your time, your time to die. This is a sacred moment where the culmination of your entire existence, your entire belief system, greets your maker. The rubber hits the road here.

Do you feel that silence? That’s your heart, or rather the lack of a heart — yours has stopped beating. Now your organs are shutting down. You’ll notice your bowels have completely shut down and the muscles are relaxing, evacuating anything in there. Your consciousness is still here for a little while. You can’t feel much now, can you?

These are your final moments. This is your final chance to get it right if you messed it up along the way. You can’t effect change on those you’ve hurt — including yourself — this is an internal salvation. Surrender to the moment, enjoy the peace. You still have a few moments before the neurons in your brain die and your consciousness fades.

Your breathing has stopped. You’re getting very close. Compared to your lifespan, these seconds are quite small, yet they seem so infinitely important, don’t they? Are you ready? It’s almost time now. Your seconds are dwindling rapidly. At any moment, you’ll experience


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