My PUBG Keybinds (Updated for 2017 September Update)

MedKit = F1
First Aid = F2
Bandage = F3
Boost Item = F4

To Vhicle Seat = F5~F8

Trick for jump to 1th seat and boost driving together: 
To Vhicle Seat 1 = Shift + w

Toggle Map = ` | ~
Toggle Inventory = Tab
Item Stack Count Handling (Split Ammo) = Left Shift

Toggle Camera = Middle Mouse Button (for 3rd person mode)
Toggle Firing Mode = X

Push To Talk = V
Toggle Mute Voice Chat = Ctrl + V

Toogle UI = U

Walk = Left Ctrl
Toggle Crouch = C
Toogle Prone = Z
Toggle Auto Run = B

Peek Left = Caps Lock
Peek Right = Alt

Interaction= E

FREE Look= F

Ref: 2017 September Update:

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