The OP’s argument is that rigid political orthodoxy obscures biological involvement in social…
Jason Belich

Basically, he was claiming that he is being discriminated against. All large companies have mechanisms to make such claims, because they are disruptive if made in public. No one with team management experience needs to be told this, but he has proven the point anyway: An all-points bulletin is not the way to make such claims. His actions have cost Google millions in lost productivity, and it is very likely that he has breeched guidelines. I think those are the grounds for discplinary action. I can think of any number of professional conferences where such behaviour would breech code of conduct. It is the behaviour which we can address, not the opinions. Professionally, his article is a rant without numbers, which doesn’t sound very Googly, and certainly not very ‘male-rational’. Surely by his own standards this rant proves he should not be working at a company like the one he wants Google to be, so this should be a mutually happy end of employment.