What is TIM? Why did we build it? What’s the use of beyond million TPS?

We built TIM blockchain for business. We mean serious business. And it may be different than what you may know and agree as crypto business. By that we mean for an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. These businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or state-owned. An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while a mom-and-pop catering business is a private enterprise.

Seeing is believing and hearing from expert’s mouth is the best!!

Watch founder and CEO of TIM Blockchain talk about TIM technology including DAG, Sharding, Merkle tree, consensus mechanism. Drop us a line if you have any follow up questions!

Last Few Days…. Hurry, ICO ENDS SOON!!! Sale ends October 30th.

Also gear-up for the marketplace announcement following the crowdsale. Afterall, we have built the Million TPS baby for a purpose!!! Stay tuned in telegram channel and social media. That’s why we strongly believe, “TIM’s price should only go up” :)

Dev Update: TIM Network is kicking 50K TPS…

TIM Blockchain is developing Enterprise Security Framework for all interoperable blockchains

Enterprise security is key to mass industry adoption of blockchains. So far 4 million bitcoins have been lost as per reports. And this is scary.

No valuable asset can have adoption if their theft and loss rate is 25%. And this situation will be a history very soon. Thanks to Geonodes.

Geonodes are a way to geofence your assets in smart contract which can have customisable level of access like 2FA, MFA, LDAP and Biometrics. …

TIM network brings efficiency in IT required to run these services.

TIM is a utility blockchain where the network is operated by TIM coins. Due to higher level of security, performance and efficiency led by low energy DAG consensus, vertical sharding based scalability to boost bandwidth upto 100 Million transactions per second and tighter GPS(geoloc) integration for uniform load isolation and balancing. All these features make TIM the innovation for next generation. TIM is truly The Internet of Money or as some of supporters call it Talking IOT Machines(www.Talking.im).

In this article, we explore the adoption mechanism based on hyperlocal…

Extension to the Token Appreciation Model(based on research)

In March 2018, our team published a new and pathbreaking model for how cryptography based digital assets, namely cryptocurrencies or tokens. It was based on simple premise of utility value, which means that any asset should be as valuable as its usefulness. Gold is valued based on its chemical and physical properties proven by science and meta-physicists, where it is used in making computers faster than copper, and invoking positive energies in your body or nature based on feng-shui or other such fields. A car is as valuable as smoother ride, reliability…

Amid a hopeful market condition which has shown resilience towards recovery inspite of massive encashment in leading cryptocurrencies, TIM Blockchain will perform TGE on 15th September.

The crowdsale will be conducted on 15th September at 12 PM UTC for 12 hours. A total of USD 2.5 Million worth of TIM tokens will be sold to general public with appropriate KYC and AML compliance.

The tokens will be priced at 15 cents(of USD) and can be purchased through fiat or cryptocurrencies through our mission control platform. The platform will be unveiled 96 hours before the TGE.

There will be no bonus…

The trend has largely fueled an explosion of fundraising through initial coin offerings (ICOs), in which ethereum-based tokens were sold as the native currency for applications that were ostensibly being built, but in many cases have yet to see a real launch. To put it in different way , there is plenty of fodder for the narrative that while ICOs will welcome your money right now, real, working dapps are always a day away. And yet a few dapps are starting to attract active daily users in the hundreds and thousands. These dapps have a few things in common. FCoin…

22nd June 2018 — Press Release

Dear TIM Community Members,

As you are aware, we have extended our ICO. We understand that delay in TGE would have caused some disappointment among our investors. However, based on recent events as mentioned below, we took the decision to delay the ICO by 2–4 weeks, which is in best interest of all. We appreciate your patience at this time and will soon announce new date of TGE.

Meanwhile, we assure you that we have a roadmap ahead of us to make our ICO successful and your investment safe. …


The Internet of Money (TIM) is an internet grade blockchain providing 100 Million Txns/Second. WWW.TALKING.IM

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