Why should you invest in TIM? Join the adoption rally

Extension to the Token Appreciation Model(based on research)

In March 2018, our team published a new and pathbreaking model for how cryptography based digital assets, namely cryptocurrencies or tokens. It was based on simple premise of utility value, which means that any asset should be as valuable as its usefulness. Gold is valued based on its chemical and physical properties proven by science and meta-physicists, where it is used in making computers faster than copper, and invoking positive energies in your body or nature based on feng-shui or other such fields. A car is as valuable as smoother ride, reliability and increased life’s efficiency due to it. There is ofcourse an element of pride and possessiveness due to rarity of items as well like vintage cars or precious paintings, but not of raw gold.

You can read our appreciation model for TIM tokens here. It simply states that a technology is as rare(and positive) as its usefulness. Otherwise there could be many rare things which do not add positive aspects in our lives, and such items even rare, should not be and are definitely not treated precious, like many of the crypto tokens who do not add any new meaning to cryptocurrency as technology or a business.

How is TIM going to add value?

TIM Blockchain provides 4 breakthroughs:

  • Fast Mainnet
  • Subchains where you transact in your own tokens
  • Geonode for Enterprise Level Security
  • Hyperlocal Dapps to host taxi, e-commerce and other such nearby selling apps

Each of the above 4 listed features is going to push the crypto adoption curve. If you look at the last 3 major technologies like radio, TV and internet, their adoption curve(S-curve) is very insightful.

4 famous S-curves. Source: Quora

There were certain events which led to mass usage of these technologies. For example, radio became portable and industry usage due to war and trade pushed its adoption. Industrial revolution led mechanisation led to need entertainment in newer ways which led to penetration of TV. The technology obviously helped in making the cathode ray tubes more smaller and safe for home use.

This way, we predict the adoption of cryptos to be even faster once safety and usability are established. This is where TIM Blockchain’s enterprise level security by Geonodes and high performance mainnet can help. One should also note that it is not just cyber security, but also regulatory security provided by TIM’s subchains where TIMs are not required for each transactions but only staking. This enables the subchains to make cryptoless transactions thus eliminating one of the key problems of toxicity of cryptos. Cryptocurrencies are mined by many unknown and uncensored group of entities who cannot be managed by any KYC or AML process. One doesn’t know for how these miners acquired their mining devices or resources. Therefore involving cryptocurrencies in transactions is considered as toxic by regulators, and a key reason why Bitcoin and Ethereum are finding hard to please any regulatory approvals.

TIM driven adoption curve — Security, Performance, Efficiency — 100 Million TPS

The above graph tries to depict the adoption drive of cryptos led by TIM Blockchain. Security is of paramount importance. After which businesses and communities can reliably build their products and services on high performance architecture of TIM. TIM can scale upto 100 Million Transactions per second. And this phenomenal speed is required to serve many of the major and micro-transactions for both money as well as valuable information transactions. And lastly, communities will use the geolocation aware network of TIM to host, search and sell their services on Hyperlocal network. Hyperlocal network comprises of all users of TIM who can be identified by their interests. And one can create a commerce for these users based on these interests, based on approval and solicitation mechanism.

So what? Why Invest?

By investing in ICO, you stand to get a large share of tokens at a much lower cost than their utility value. This enables you to host a fast and futuristic business on blockchain of TIM or similarly help some other businesses to help them establish it. TIM Blockchain is going to disrupt how e-commerce is done, and in a collaborative way. And owners of TIM tokens stand to gain from early disruption readiness.

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