Holohoax Part I: “Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons”

Whether it’s intentional or not, Spicer’s comments bring out the worst in the internet.

The web isn’t like a library, a curated, organized archive of material, it’s a jungle of opinion read as fact, where all things are equal. As if that’s not bad enough, things hit you on the web exactly when you’re not looking for them.

I’ve been interested in holocaust denial since I was about 18, and have been giving talks on the topic for about 10 years.

The world is full of crazy people who are always going to want to rewrite history for one reason or another. But do a twitter search for “holocaust happened” after a related headline hits the media, and the world gets scary.

Ayatolla Khamanei is the Supreme Leader of Iran

Holocaust denial is a real thing, and these guys hang on any sniff of legitimacy they can get.

In my talks I start by convincing the audience the the holocaust didn’t happen like they think it did, using a few approaches. I’m going to write a few posts detailing each, but here’s the first…

“The ‘gas chambers’ couldn’t have been used for a genocide”

The Jewish allegation is that the Nazis used Zyklon B to kill people on an industrial scale, in gas chambers.

That’s just not possible.

For a start, Zyklon B’s chemical name is Hydrogen Cyanide. 
Hydrogen = explosive. Cyanide = poisonous.

Look at this map, it’s a US aerial photo of Auschwitz. It shows the crematoria are right next to the ‘gas chambers’ — which is a great idea, because when you’re burning thousands of bodies an hour by naked flame, a ready supply of explosive gas is just what you need next door.

So, OK, there may have been some clever engineering that we don’t know about — these guys were German, after all; but there is also scientific evidence to prove that these gas chambers weren’t used as killing factories.

In the late 1980s a study was done by Professor Frederick Leuchter, who, as you can see, is a US certified expert in execution technology.

Leuchter visited the sites and was videoed taking 31 samples from walls of the ‘gas chambers’, to try and find residue of the hydrogen cyanide that had allegedly been responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million people. This was a real experiment, conducted by someone who knows how to do these things and is trusted by the US government.

Now, cyanide sticks around, it’s a poison, so this should have been fairly easy. From calculations, taking into account time and degradation, we would’ve expected to find 1050 mg/kg.

Instead, he found less than 1% of that: 1–9 mg/kg… So there is no way that these facilities were used to poison the Jews. To de-louse, maybe. But it’s impossible that the Zyklon B could kill on that scale. Beyond doubt…

Scientifically impossible.

And you know what? He’s right.

It wasn’t the hydrogen cyanide that did the killing.

Zyklon B was a cheap and readily available gas, The fact that it was explosive and poisonous was almost a hindrance, because it’s function was to defuse all of the oxygen out of the gas chamber, suffocating anyone left inside.

And because it’s explosive and poisonous functions weren’t required, it didn’t need to be very concentrated; which means that cyanide residue would not show up in any significant quantity 50 years after the event, because it wasn’t there in any significant quantity even when the gas was deployed.

Leuchter’s narrative assumed that Jews were poisoned, instead they died from asphyxiation. Which is why, when the guards opened the chamber doors, they found their victims lying in pyramids, each having tried to cling on to life by breathing from the tiny vent at the centre of the ceiling. No photo necessary.

But Leuchter would have considered this right? He was a highly credible expert, endorsed by the US government. After all… Wikipedia said so… once.

But now the magic hand of Wikipedia has its facts right.

It’s not that a few trolls or Spicer-isms are dangerous in themselves, but that the holocaust is too easily politicised, and the internet can’t regulate the haters.

As the last eye-witnesses to the holocaust are dying out, and the facts become more and more distant it’s a stick that’s still used to far too often to beat politicians, communities and Israel.

Yes, the oversensitivity gets monotonous, but that’s because we’ve normalised the magnitude of what happened, and what that should mean to the world.

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