Star Schema

  • Simple query, usually less joins, might be faster than others.
  • Data intergrity is not enforced.
  • Fast loading but slow data checking/validating.
  • Efficient navigation through data.
  • Mapping OLTP schema to it might be more difficult.
  • More space to storage the data, because of de-normalisation.
  • Not flexible for analysis needs.

Snow Flakes

  • Easy to update(create) and maintain.
  • Data quality might be better.
  • Less storage required than Star Schema.
  • More complex queries, more joins.
  • Schema is easier to map from OLTP schema.
  • Loading time is slow but checking is fast.
  • Not flexible for analysis needs.

Fact Constellation

  • Multi fact tables, flexible for analysis needs.
  • More complex structure.
  • Difficult to maintain or to approach.
  • Slow loading but checking time depends on the dimension tables’ normalization.
  • Usually more space used.



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