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For a long time community-building in the workplace has been seen as a “nice to have”, often no more than an annual Christmas Party or maybe a Friday Bar if the newest recruits felt up for organizing it. But such a laissez-faire approach to community-building overlooks the massive changes that are happening today in terms of workplace culture and new corporate pressures, allowing those companies that do it well to stay ahead of the curve.

Below are 5 reasons why community-building in the workplace is absolutely business critical.

Quick note: In this context I use community-building to refer to a set of activities, both social, professional and cultural, that build relationships, affinity and trust between employees in an organization.

Reason 1: Your current and future employees all want it.

Gone are the days when it was enough for office workers to have a good salary and a fancy title. Today’s employees value a sense of belonging and community just as highly, if not more. A 2018 LinkedIn workplace culture study showed that the #1 factor that would keep professionals at their current company for the next 5+ years was “a sense of belonging and having people at work they can be themselves around”. Likewise, our own research has shown that so-called Millenials include factors like social activities with colleagues and how “homely” a workplace feels when deciding where to apply for jobs. In a labour market where corporates are increasingly competing for the same global talent, this matters. …

Excerpts from a completely unscientific, unofficial study from the LEGO Workplace Experience team.

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Let’s talk future of work, shall we? Credit: James Pond, Unsplash

A lot has been said about the implications of the entrance of so-called Millennials into the workplace. From The New York Times lamenting how entitled, addicted to social media and downright lazy they can be to Forbes Magazine heralding them for being driven by social impact, personal growth and a strong sense of community. …

For the majority, co-working still is a numbers game, no matter how much we want it to be about true added value.

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Photo credit: James Pond for Unsplash

10 months ago, after having followed the incredible growth of the co-working industry for almost a decade, a group of colleagues at 00 and I decided to set up SuperWork, a workspace-as-a-service company focused on creating and managing nurturing work environments that enable people to be and do their best at work.

Unlike the co-working spaces that we operate across London, SuperWork was never intended to be a landlord, but purely a delivery and management service. In theory, this would allow us to focus on creating the right conditions for people to flourish, instead of trying to squeeze an increasing number of people into less space, in order to make the finances stack up. …


Tim Ahrensbach

Creating awesome, playful workspaces with the LEGO Group that help people be and do their best at work. @infostructure00 alumni

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