The blank mind…

You’re nice and warm in your bed. The sun is beginning to crawl over the mountain tops. You have a much-needed (and really wanted) day off from most of your regular responsibilities. You are a very creative person. The day is totally open.

What do you do? What can you do? What do you want to do?

Therein lies the proverbial crux.

The next time you have a day like that, I would like to suggest a mini-project to get you going. Once your feet hit the floor, forget the coffee, and slip on something quick and easy. Grab your camera, no matter whether it’s a smart phone, a tablet, an iPad, or even (dare I say!) the dusty DSLR. When you have camera in hand, step out into your backyard, raise the camera to your eyes and click the button. Turn a little bit, and click the button, again. Take another turn, and click the button, again. Take a few more steps into the yard, and repeat the procedure. A few more steps, and (you should have the idea by now) repeat the procedure. Even if it is just a picture of a broken plate (left) of some kind that you just haven’t been able to toss.

The example at the left is a picture I took in France a few years back. On the morning after our night-time arrival I had decided to take a short walk around the property of the B&B we were staying. I had only taken no more than ten steps when I came upon the scene. It seemed to be staged for a 1940s French postcard. I clicked the shutter a few times, and continued on my walk.

Granted, this was in France and not your back yard. That is why I suggest you not do too much thinking for this process. Think of it as a treasure hunt. If nothing else, this project may just act as a jump-start for your day. Sometimes it is good to have a blank mind, so you can turn right around and fill it up, one more time!

OK. Now you can make the coffee, wash your face, feed the furry ones. Once those chores

are done, download the images and see what you have achieved. I would wager to say that there is probably one or two images that appeal to you.

I knew I needed to write a new post today, and only came up with this idea once I sat down in front of my computer. So, I will take my own suggestion into hand and give it a practice tomorrow morning. In a few days I will post my results, right in this space.

Give it a go, and let’s see what we can do…

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