Word of the Week: Embrace

Every once-in-a-while we come to a crossroads, if we are paying attention. I came to my most recent one a couple of months ago. Since I am involved in a wide-range of endeavors, I was trying to figure out how to lessen them to the most important (to me). I pretty much liked everything in which I was involved, but because so many things held (and hold) my interest it became very difficult to choose.

One morning shortly after I began thinking about how to reduce my interests, I awoke with a singular word: embrace! It stuck with me throughout the day and wouldn’t let go! For the next few weeks I gave quite a bit of thought about things I could “release.” This was (is) a tough one for me because I really like my involvement in a wide-range of projects, but I knew in an effort to move forward with more clarity, I had to make some serious changes in my professional/personal life.

Embrace is such a perfect word for what I need to do. There are very few things in my life that I truly embrace. So, my choice and activity at this point is centered around my “Embrace” list. Which is to say that before I approach any new project, or reflect on older ones, I need to remember one thing: Is this something I want to embrace? Do I want to grasp it firmly and move forward? If it’s just a “warm fuzzy” I need to let is pass and move on to someone else who might have a “high-five” use for it.

I have to want to jump up and high-five or do a quick dance step in recognition of my decision!

Do you have a “high-five” word that you use? If not, what do you use to hug it or leave it?