Sometimes when things happen they happen quickly. For me, in most cases, this can be a good thing as given enough time, I’ll rationalize the situation and talk myself out of what could be a wonderful opportunity. This time, however, I dove right in feet first.

I recently made a point to seek out local meetup groups. It was at one of these meetup events where I met Scott Vinkle, who I didn’t know at the time was a Kingston Chapter co-lead for Canada Learning Code.

Fast forward a few weeks at a different meetup, Scott introduced me to Jessica Bredschneider who, as it turns out, is one of the other chapter leads. During the initial meet and greet conversation with Jessica, Scott indicated to her that I knew a few things about a few things, both were eager to ask if I was interested in helping out with upcoming CLC workshops. I was unsure at first, but told Scott and Jessica it sounded interesting and that I’d consider it. …

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If you’re like me it’s hard to keep track of all the videos and posts you’ve read about React. There’s lots of information out there but, it’s all over the place.

Someone would ask a question about React and I would think.

I remember seeing a post about that somewhere 🤔 or was that on twitter?

What started as a few links in a Git repo has become a fully searchable static site React FAQ here’s how it happened.

It started with a question

Here’s the question that started it all from @wesbos

In this case I remembered a resource and responded. …

Being a freelance developer I work on many types of projects. Whether it be from scratch or integrating code into an existing app / website. Knowing when to choose what tool is key.

How I determine what to use or in some cases what I’m allowed to use varies on factors such as timing, devices, maintenance, project specifications etc…

Here are some questions that help guide my thinking.

  1. Is this an existing app / website that has server rendered pages (PHP, Node)?

2. Is this a full application or just small piece that needs to be dynamic?

3. Do I need routing, static pages, SEO? …

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12 Mar 2016 10:24 AM — Marc was contemplating how to kick off a new React App.

On July 22, 2016 his world changed when he saw this post:

Marc loved the idea but had some reservations —

“Zero Configuration how could this be? How’s that going to work?”

Then he read this:

“We expect that at early stages, many people will “eject” for one reason or another, but as we learn from them, we will make the default setup more and more compelling while still providing no configuration.”

“Eject” — brilliant he thought. Standardized setup and the ability to opt out at anytime 😃. …


tim arney

Freelance Web Developer. Specializes in JavaScript (React), and PHP. #remote #available

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