The Gay and Straight Boys' Guide to Living
Matt Brennan

all my little junkie whores/

he insists he’s straight, and he gets quite angry if this gets challenged/ he doesn’t want it in his face/ but let’s be real, he’s a whore who does men in cars, toilets, anywhere he thinks he might make a buck/ the other boys have confronted him about how he sneaks around at night, surreptitiously, bed to bed, and they seem to need him to eat it/ his insistence that he isn’t gay gets interpreted as i am better than you/ he doesn’t have a corner on the anger market/ there are simply things they have to work out on their own where no adult steps in and rescues them/ i refuse to rescue anyone in this; the reality is that i don’t really care what he calls himself, but the boys do, they seem to care a lot/ as i am writing this on my phone, and trying not to look at any of them, he’s walked into the middle of the group, and he’s stripping/ not saying a word/ this has stolen some thunder from the group that wants to confront him/ he just hasn’t been with us that long/ the group has become very, very quiet/ he’s showing us his ass/ it’s black and blue and whipped and scarred and has purple splotches/ my dad thought i was gay, too, he says/ i crawl into your beds when it’s dark and no one can see this/ all i really want is for you to hold me/ this has shut them up and shut them down/ all my little junkie whores/ he’s crying now and is about as naked as a human being can get/ i have to put my phone away/ and take over as the adult authority before they all fucking implode/

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