Americans don’t value art by kids because they see no money in it. I find that teaching art with kids is the most rewarding thing I could possibly do. Certainly, more rewarding than wasting my time on Medium. I find Medium to be even more of an arch-type than FaceBook, if you look around, Medium even has the upper-class, the working middle-class, or the stupid people, and no poor people I can see. It costs money to have some kind of computer, and connection to the Internet. It’s not like there are droves of poor people waiting to post on Medium. Medium is America. Art has very little to do with Medium. Design reigns. Because design is money. When I write about teaching art with kids, fully half of those readers leave immediately. They don’t believe it.

Fuck you.

Teaching art with kids is subversive. I hope I can open their eyes even a little bit.