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Dear Autumn Cote,

I am the writer who received a direct communication from you that you desired to reprint an article I wrote, published on Medium, February 12, 2017, called WHAT TO TELL YOUNG BOYS ABOUT TRUMP.

The response at WriterBeat has been hysterical, mean, vindictive, ill-informed, filled with hatred, and as such, the response from your readers is beneath contempt.

Please consider this to be a formal revocation of permission to publish.

Please remove my work from your website immediately. I will publish this revocation to publish WHAT TO TELL YOUNG BOUTS ABOUT TRUMP on Medium.

I will simply not continue to participate in the onslaught of abuse heaped upon me by your readers. Your letter to me written February 13, 2017, wherein you state that “ I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community…” leaves out the fact that your community is again, in fact, threatening. To be told by your readers (and I quote), “…literally like to beat the living crap out of any teacher who permitted this kind of conversation to go on their class…” — is out of line, physically threatening, and falls under the legal definition and rubric of malicious publishing. The definition of maliciousness is exemplified by your understanding this would happen. And if I ever so much as hear from the person who wrote that — and which you published — ever again, I will turn his statements, your statements, any and all of them, to law enforcement authorities. I know my rights. Been there. Done that. I do not and will not tolerate being physically threatened. There will be legal consequences. YOU invited ME. It is a matter of public record and published on Medium. YOU invited ME. And then, to turn around and publish a physical threat to my person will not be tolerated. It is NOT legal. Look it up. Check it out with your attorney because I have checked it out with ours. Your publication IS responsible for what you publish. You published what can be and is being considered a physical threat against my person, and if you do not remove my work from your site, I will file legal complaints, naming names, and I will seek damages. YOU invited ME. That makes it quite different and quite legal in terms of what your responsibilities are to me. It is simply not the same as someone who comes along and publishes what they wrote as a post. Your invitation to publish, and my gracious offer to allow this, takes it way, way out of the realm of a simple post.

It makes you liable.

I have received email after email after email from you pointing out the vitriol of your readers as if this was something to sing about. I am not singing. I am revoking permission to publish WHAT TO TELL YOUNG BOYS ABOUT TRUMP published by me on Medium, February 12, 2017. If you continue to publish my work after revocation to publish, your publication is liable.

Any journalism major — or any publisher for that matter — knows about publishing law, and they also know the definition of maliciousness. And then to turn around and publish threats against me violates every principle in actual journalism. I seriously advise you to check it out with your counsel.

Remove my work from your site immediately.

You do not need to respond to me as Google has blocked you from my email. If you continue to contact me through Medium, you will be blocked.


Tim Barrus