Between the 2 of Us

between the 2 of us, and 2 eventually leave the dust storms we lived in the desert in a trailer because we were stupid, and willing to try anything, as younger men, bedlam, bedlam, bedlam/ whose master what authority imbued with a gratified violence, and i have been fucking telling you this shit for years, decades, and no one wants to hear it no one wants my tongue up their ass, deranged and drips spill at once, an emergence, listen to the wounded wind scream what sweetbirds sang sand and stain and cum again/ and so we did your hair bullyboy in a thousand ways catastrophe not the least of which is neither prophetic nor outworn like mud and snow you are still a beauty, too, dreaming the muse will arrive most likely in the night/ we all know that this is how she operates/ her desire is not temperate, a latitude of sorrow, of all one’s inappropriate faults, unfolded for all to see, attending to humiliation with the silence of a pregnant pause/