Blue Memory: Just Before the Cure


men dressed in black

and armed to the

teeth with le assault

rifles it perfectly

ridiculous you slept in

the fields

to keep the deer

away they will eat an

entire crop and back then,

we did have a military

parachute that was flawless

in every regard

it was wet a lot/ back then/

guernville beckoned

the russian river

you could still pan for gold

but mostly we were idiots

the canoe down the river

was a passage through time

and we understood it was

a resistance although no

one could agree against

what it was just into the hills

i did it a few times in appalachia

the forest fire changed me

forever i can’t be that guy again

i can deal with fewer things

being thrown at me all at

the same time

living in the woods, which was

just away, and as such a resistance, too

you had to be careful you had

someone’s back, like some naked

guy is carrying you as you ride his back,

your legs wrapped around him

gliding down the russian river on its way

just south of timber cove to the sand

bars of the pacific

where we could disappear

among the rocks