Thanks Tim, it was a long time coming to get someone to even read this blog…which lets me know…
Brandon Plain

Brandon, many eons ago when I was a bratty kid, maybe 20, there was a dreadful, stupid war going on, and it looked (to the media, anyway) that YOUNG America was all about long hair and protest.

But no.

The young men I knew were dying to be factory rats and what they wanted from life was a color TV.

I am not sure about what people care about.

People try.

But if you give them a cure as in antiretroviral, they’re going to say: this will be good enough for now.

So yesterday.

The reality is that we need as many voices out there as we can get. People get discouraged.

Tell me about it.

But without those voices, we would not even have antiretrovirals, and the only reason we have them is because so many people were willing to chain themselves to Big Pharma’s doors.

To not use what voice we have would be more criminal than Big Pharma could hope to be. Keep writing.

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