Perhaps having kids saves you from mourning the person you might have been
Laura Hazard Owen


Kids with Keanu. There’s an idea.

Does kids with Keanu mean sex with Keanu.

Sign me up.

I gave up my life to have kids.

I have 21.

They are foster children.

All boys.

All HIV.

Do I regret it.

You betcha.

I did have a life before these children who are living in my house.

I am an asshole.

Do I regret it.

Regret what.

Having HIV.

You betcha.

Responsibility is a two way street in a 16 lane freeway straight to hell in a handbasket.

I don’t get the thing with straight men and wives. I mean, I’ve tried. Let’s not go there.

Just one observation, and please forgive me for being crass, ok.

But. Is. Sex. Worth. It.

I wouldn’t know.

Who has time.

I have all these fucking kids.

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