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I am not sure if addiction has a disease or rationality vector. What IS a rationality vector. Here are some facts I found fascinating.

Portugal used to be like the States. They played a big (expensive) part in the War on Drugs since they were the gateway to Europe.

Then, they said fuck this.

They decriminalized drugs. Just like that.

Americans were focused on Monica’s handbags around then so they didn’t give a fuck. A few people whined Portugal would go down the moral, addicted tubes.

It didn’t.

Here’s what happened.

Addiction rates have been cut in half.

Organized crime has been cut in half.

HIV has been cut in half.

The vector for the Proof is in the Pudding that kind of chocolate pudding JELL-O makes is half the calories the vector for Addiction is a Social Rat Races makes if you leave out the Coke.

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