I want to photograph what I see. And I want to photograph what I see in the way in which I see it. Sometimes I am forced to do this with words but I find text to be an almost insulting, offensive distraction. In the past, I used to experience text as a sacred thing. Which is ridiculous. A photograph tells its own story. The gig with Medium though requires text. Which is also ridiculous. Social media is social media. The consumers here at Medium have been drinking the Kool-Aid. They believe it’s about the writing. This is due to the way in which the disingenuous marketing works. If I call a vehicle a Ford enough times, people will believe it’s a Ford when, in fact, it’s a Rolls Royce. Most people who come here are looking for validation.

I find this amusing because the act of looking for validation among people who need to be validated themselves is slightly ironic when no one knows anyone.

The Mad Hatter and his tea party are everywhere.

The people on Medium have “friends” who follow them. Medium is about this abstract concept of validation, and has nothing whatsoever to do with writing. Writing is done alone. By oneself or by one’s second selves. Why would I give a fuck what you “recommend.” I don’t know any of you, and what you recommend as a social media tool is patently absurd and as a paradigm is beneath contempt. I don’t even like working in video much. The boys at risk I deal with enjoy making video. Most of them are still using traditional cameras. I am mainly using Go Pro and not for video, but for stills. I am in love with still photography. I just don’t use traditional cameras. Because I am easily bored. I find getting the kind of shots I get from Go Pro to be a challenge. It is not a challenge to me to write text. It’s just text and doesn’t mean a fucking thing anymore than this text does.

The photograph will stand alone. The kind of photographs I want to make all have the illusion of movement somewhere in the photograph. The lighting of a joint implies at least some movement, but even more than that, it implies there might be people moving about the room. Whenever I smoke weed, I am aware of movement in the room, but the focus is the weed, not the people. The people in the room are context, and it is often implied and not something you can be assured is real because you are just the audience. I want the audience to be removed. Removed as in austere. As text, this would be defined as an aside. Photography can be about the aside. And not necessarily about what what has focus. But in layering, there can be a multitude of stories.

I have never read a single book about photography. Why should I. How is text going to tell me anything more about what I experience as organic. You are either there with the camera or you’re not. No photographer should ever leave the house without a camera. It is always amusing to listen to the excuses around why people who want to call themselves photographers cannot take a camera with them. My Go Pro fits into my pocket. There is no flash because I don’t need one. In fact, the viewfinder itself comes off and you can get great shots by simply pointing the camera at whatever you find to be interesting. Using this technique, I would guess that approximately just less than fifty percent of the people I photograph are aware that they are being photographed. I am not interested in their permission.

I have to force myself to photograph people because the people I know are mainly young people, and I am always telling myself, well, self, you can’t photograph that, and I will leave it to the audience to define for themselves whatever “that” might be. My inclination is to be removed and more than a little cold. I like to take photographs of environments that imply human beings were here. I can only concede that they obviously put a face to the image. But if I can blur them, or make them peripheral to the photograph, I will most definitely take that route. I love the excuse of the faintly innocent who are only taking pictures of the world around us. Most of us have no idea what we are doing. We are only doing it.