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I would love to do that. But I am really almost overextended with what I have on my plate. What these boys eat is not only awful, but it catches them in a double-bind. Junkyard food from dumpsters combined with doing Internet sex work, much of which they interpreted as skinny means dollars, and it does. Then, there are the sex work drugs.

My whole gig with it is that we so often assume equations where these kids are left out of almost everything.

They call these boys the hard to reach for many reasons. But no one really knows what that means.

Garbage dumpster pizza is their fav.

It can take a year to come down from this. After, their first crop of their own garden food, they begin to understand.

An addiction to fast food combines with HIV to create intense struggles for the rest of their lives.

Opiate addiction means they are not interested in eating at all. A junkie just wants to get high. The kids doing Internet sex work will often slam for their tricks. They get tips for it. Shooting heroin on camera.

They become EXTREMELY thin.

All the hierarchal paternalism that is inherent to a male dominated value of youth that gets pounded into the heads of girls in terms of what is desirable gets it’s second wind with boys who will go for the whole nine yards. Cocaine works, too.

It’s a vicious cycle out there.

With sex work boys, it’s not talked about until you sit down with them, and pull it out of them.

It’s a vast compendium of kids. What goes in these kids is so toxic, all the cards are just stacked against them. It’s a life caught up in bathrooms, on toilets, in dumpsters, in cars, most sex work is done in a car, whenever someone vomits in a trick’s car, it sends little electric waves through their grapevine underworld, shoplifting the worst food they could possibly eat, and selling themselves as thin and desirable. In reality, they’re the walking dead.

Sometimes, they’d try for 3–4 enemas in a day. Or 3–4 wine enemas in a day.

It’s pretty dysfunctional.

I am involved with the kids and my writing rather intensely. I could look at whatever you need, editing really isn’t my passion, kinda been there, done that, for magazines, I am SO busy.