Lisa Renee

kindred spirits/ the stranger comes to town/

i live in the blue ridge/ our mountains are old, they’re mean, and they will wear you down like a sea of summers/

if any stranger intrudes here, we all know it/ so many poets/ all of them are skeptics/ bad men come with their golden sorrows/

i am a witch/

of spells, herbs, time, strange beasts, tongues, and thorns of sleep/ there are many people like this here/ they call me a shaman/

i find the word insulting and tenantless/

trudge out to the horse barn and sit on the roof with jack/ daniels is just his last name/ the ponies are amused/

the dawning light is hallow/ sometimes i paint/ sometimes painting is a summons/ writing simply reeks of guns/ there are bones on the hill/ human bones/ i leave them alone/ confederate fools, and boys drawing strength from quarrel/ long dead and never made it to the corn field/

the snow this year has stirred the mice/ the red wolves think i do not know they are there/

but i do/

but i do/

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