Uncanny Valleys
Sam Wood

Love this. I wish more people on the Medium were willing to risk.

But no.

The Medium is pretty generic status quo magazine format publishing. Most of it is quite dull.

Cookie cutter.


I reaf stuff no one recommends that has fifty times more worth than the standard feel good happy ending stuff people drool over and comment: “thank you for giving us hope.”

What are these people, in the third grade.

Writers are not obligated to give you hope.

There are heavy duty academics (Harvard) on the Medium whose work is garbage, and there are editors from Random Housde who couldn’t seduce a flea to jump a dog for the dogs they write.

Academia did nothing for you.

Brave souls do exist.

They are marginalized by the “recommend” system.

Why can’t we decide for ourselves what has value. Just hit the recommend button.


The system is not only patently absurd, it is beaneath contempt.

Good stuff gets oblivion. Dreck with a happy endibng and some tech will get 399,600,303,888 recommends from stupid people.

The recommends are a weakness. A liability. As a paradigm, it’s modeled after the worst of the Internet. It brightens the day for all the wrong people, and brings itself down to the NYC publishing house or magazine model like it’s in Esquire, give that boy a book contract.

The Medium is not original.

Rarely, you get a gem. Like this.

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